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Jurgen Van Broeck

Global Commercial Director

Álvaro Camino

CDMO / Commercial Manager Emerging Markets

Eduardo Cioppi

Global Sales Director.

Ignacio Demarco

Commercial Manager Latam

Miguel Martinez-Cava

Global External Communication Manager

Ariana Menéndez

Business Development Manager. Europe, US & CIS

José Ramón Millan

Global Business Development & Business Intelligence Director

mAbxience León

Julia Morros s/n, Armunia, León
Postal code: 24009 Spain
Phone: +34 987 877 200

mAbxience Madrid

Manuel Pombo Angulo 28 3rd floor, Madrid
Postal code: 28050 Spain
Phone: +34 917 711 500

mAbxience Buenos Aires

Zabala 1040 Garín, Buenos Aires
Postal code: B1619 Argentina
Phone: +54 11 4762 77 00 

mAbxience Lugano

Via Maggio 1 Lugano, Switzerland
Postal code: 6901
Phone: +41 919 731 423

mAbxience Contact

Email: contact[at]

mAbxience Pharmacovigilance

Manuel Pombo Angulo 28 3rd floor, Madrid
Postal code: 28050 Spain
Email: pharmacovigilance[at]

mAbxience Data Protection

Manuel Pombo Angulo 28 3rd floor, Madrid
Postal code: 28050 Spain
Email: dataprotection[at]

¨If you send an email to the specific address of pharmacovigilance to report a case of adverse effects, you agree that we process your personal data for the purposes mentioned above, as well as the privacy policy¨


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