mAbxience | Pipeline: in constant progression

in constant progression

At mAbxience we are working to increase patients’ global accessibility.

Our pipeline is focused on oncology and autoimmune diseases.

Quality, safety and efficacy

Biosimilars are equivalent in terms of quality, safety and efficacy to the reference products. mAbxience guarantees the equivalence by subjecting the drugs to exhaustive comparability testing, regulated by the competent authorities. This ensures that our biosimilars are almost identical to the reference product with respect to structure, biological activity and overall performance of the final drug product.

In addition, mAbxience develops clinical trials to meet all the international requirements and of the different regions where it develops its activity.

Manufacture is carried out using the most advanced and cutting-edge technology in the market, as is the case of the single-use technology. Likewise, once the product enters the commercialization phase, mAbxience carries out a clinical follow-up through pharmacovigilance programs that allow the detection of late toxicities, a typical phenomenon of any biotechnological drug regardless of whether or not it is biosimilar.