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Ignacio Moreno is Quality Director in mAbxience. He has 15+ years track record working in Health Authorities and in the biopharmaceutical industry in quality related roles.

Ignacio started his professional career in the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Care Products (AEMPS) as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) inspector. During this period, he conducted inspections on behalf AEMPS, as well as for other international bodies such as the European Medicines Agency (EMA), World Health Organization (WHO) and European Commision (EC).

He subsequently joined Pfizer as Manager of Contract Operations Quality Assurance, where his main responsibility was leading the evaluation of risks of global initiatives and acquisitions (due diligence). He later joined Apotex as Head of Audit of Europe and Middle East, managing the Audit team and the audits to third parties and Apotex´s manufacturing plants.

Ignacio joined Insudpharma in 2018 as Quality Director of Exeltis and Xiromed, where he was responsible of 6 manufacturing sites and the assurance of quality operations of third parties and in more than 40 countries. He joined mAbxience in 2021 as Quality Director, where is the Quality responsible of the manufacturing plants in Leon and Argentina.
Ignacio holds a BSc Pharmacy degree, PhD doctorate in Pharmacology and a Master on development, registration, and regulation of medicines in Europe.