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Hugo Sigman

Foto de Hugo Sigman

Dr. Sigman, a trained physician and his biochemist wife, Dr. Silvia Gold, founded mAbxience in 2010 as the biotechnology arm of Insud Pharma, which the couple set up in 1977 ( A conglomerate of Argentine-owned businesses with a global presence, actively engaged in the pharmaceutical, agroforestry, energy, culture, and nature & design industries.

Their first company was in the pharmaceutical industry, which is still the Group’s largest business and comprises the following companies:

Chemo (, which sells active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), vaccines (we produce like CMO for Europe the fill finish of AZ1222)and finished drug forms (FDFs) to 1600 pharmaceutical companies in 120 countries.

Exeltis (, which manufactures, and markets branded medicines in 46 countries.

mAbxience (, which develops biotech medicines for the production of monoclonal antibodies and vaccine active ingredient AZ1222 for Astra Zeneca.

Xiromed (, which sells generics in the US and Europe.

In Argentina, INSUD is a shareholder of Sinergium Biotech, the first producer of complex vaccines for humans; Elea Phoenix, the second largest pharmaceutical company in terms of revenues; Maprimed, a chemical plant that is the leading manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients; and Inmunova, a laboratory engaged in basic research, where we developed a Policlonal antibodies for COVID treatment. In the veterinary line, Insud is a shareholder of Biogénesis Bagó,
a veterinary company the second world producer of food and mouth vaccine.

Additionally, the Group supports Fundación Mundo Sano (, an NGO with 60 professionals and 200 volunteers, devoted to the research, prevention, and treatment of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), mainly soil-transmitted helminths and Chagas.

Hugo Sigman is also a founding member of the Argentine Biotech Chamber, whose mission is to give visibility to the leading role of biotech at regional level.