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mAbxience promotes the biosimilar
industry in Biolatam 2015

The biotechnology company mAbxience, specialised in the development of biosimilars, and biosimilar monoclonal antibodies in particular, has participated in Biolatam 2015, the largest trade fair for the Latin American biotechnology sector.

mAbxience took advantage of its participation in the fair by presenting its product pipeline for Latin America. The company currently has two development and production facilities, in León (Spain) and in Buenos Aires (Argentina). In December 2014, it launched its first biosimilar in the Argentinian market, Rituximab.

mAbxience hosted a stand in the second Biolatam conference, which was visited by the Spanish Secretary of State for Research, Development and Innovation, Carmen Vela, as well as by various international companies interested in the possibility of collaborating with mAbxience in biotechnology. mAbxience also held a round table, at which various renowned experts discussed the latest developments in the biosimilars market.

High-profile round table to share expertise on biosimilars

The round table was moderated by Fernando de Mora, professor in the Department of Pharmacology, Therapeutics and Toxicology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and an expert in the development and marketing of biosimilar medicinal products. Round-table participants included Claudia Patricia Vaca González, professor of pharmacy at the National University of Colombia and advisor to the Colombian Ministry of Health, and Mauricio Seigelchifer, Tech Transfer Director for mAbxience, researcher and full member of the United States Pharmacopeial (USP) Convention Expert Committee for biological products.

During the round table discussion, the reality of the sector was analysed in depth, as were the latest developments in this field. It was hoped to bring attention to the situation of biosimilars in Latin America and to the painstaking and demanding process of developing a biosimilar, taking Rituximab as an example.

A new paradigm of public-private cooperation

In his address, the founder of mAbxience, Hugo Sigman, underlined the importance of promoting public-private collaboration in Latin America.

He also emphasised the importance of establishing fruitful cooperation between academia and industry “to convert projects into reality”.

Dr Sigman spoke, for example, of the success of the first therapeutic vaccine for lung cancer, developed entirely by a Latin American public-private consortium.

In the same vein, he recalled how, in 2012, Mundo Sano spearheaded a public-private partnership for the production of benznidazole, one of the most important drugs for treating Chagas disease. The medicine had been discontinued worldwide in 2011. However, thanks to the efforts of the foundation, the Argentine Ministry of Health and the companies Maprimed, ELEA and Chemo Group, production began in Argentina.