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mAbxience, founding member of
BioSim, reinforces its commitment to biosimilars

mAbxience maintains an active role in strengthening the biosimilar industry in Spain. Therefore, it wanted to take part from the outset in the Spanish Association of Biosimilars, BioSim, through its steering committee. MAbxience aims to ensure the accessibility provided by these medicinal products and is committed to promoting the accessibility by means of their business activity, as well as an active participation in the new management of the sector.

Thus, mAbxience, together with other companies belonging to BioSim, wants to boost the biosimilars sector in Spain and contribute to its consolidation, by providing its expertise in the industry. This is to intensify the dialogue with health authorities and help improve patient access to biological therapies. Likewise, mAbxience, through its membership in the Association is committed to raising awareness of biosimilar medicinal products for health professionals and the general public, whilst also defending the position of biosimilar medicinal products.

The Spanish Association of Biosimilars (BioSim) made an appearance on Tuesday 3 November at the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality in Madrid. It was created with the aim of strengthening the position of the biosimilar industry in Spain and mAbxience wanted to be present at such a crucial moment for the sector in Spain. BioSim brings a total of fifteen companies together who can integrate and join forces in promoting biosimilars. Biosimilars will save around 1,500 million euros for administrations from now until 2020 and will contribute to improving citizens’ access to the necessary treatments for serious illnesses, such as cancer or autoimmune diseases.