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mAbxience acquires 100%
of biopharmaceutical Genhelix

Spanish-based Chemo Group, has purchased 100% of the Genhelix biopharmaceutical plant, a development and R&D center, located in Spain. The operation is one of the biggest investments ever made by a Spanish company in a biotechnology project. mAbxience, a pioneer in biosimilar monoclonal antibodies, has an ambitious investment plan in the new plant to increase its capacity in the coming years.

“Our aim is to expand our manufacturing capacities to strengthen our market presence in Europe and Asia,” asserted Hugo Sigman, CEO of the Insud Group and founder of Chemo.

Genhelix received in July 2013 the GMP approval by the European Authorities as a manufacturer of Biological APIs of its flexible and fully single use technology based facility. Genhelix is one of the few companies to receive such authorization at EU level and pionner in being validated for a plant based on the most advanced technology components for single use.

“The acquisition of Genhelix is very important news in terms of consolidating mAbxience as a biosimilar medicines leader in Europe, and it will allow us to move forward in our strategy for manufacturing products that meet the highest quality standards and for obtaining significant cost savings,” declared Carlos Bañado, Managing Director of mAbxience.

About mAbxience With headquarters in Switzerland, mAbxience is acting worldwide, creating a broad and balanced presence in all major pharmaceutical markets, with full-line research and manufacturing capabilities. mAbxience also owns PharmADN, a biotech facility located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Chemo Group, to which mAbxience belongs, is a global corporation that has been operating for over 35 years in every area of the chemical-pharmaceutical industry, with a presence in 40 countries. Chemo is part of the Insud Group.

Chemo’s business is organised into three synergetic areas: Industry, Brand and Biotechnology. It employs more than 5,000 professionals in over 40 countries, distributed over the 4 continents, 10 manufacturing plants, 9 specialist R&D centres, 12 commercial offices and 33 subsidiary pharmaceutical companies, serving 1,150 customers in 96 countries around the world.