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mAbxience participated in Forum
about Emerging Economy Sectors

mAbxience is progressively acquiring a more and more active role in León´s local life, ever since its landing in the city in 2014. Thus, on February 18th, Luisa Amoedo, Managing Director of mAbxience´s León facility was invited to discuss and analyze the chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech sectors on a roundtable, promoted by  Instituto Leonés para el Desarrollo, la Formación y el Empleo (Ildefe), León University´s Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences, León Hall and León Journal within the cycle Foro de Sectores Emergentes de la Economía Leonesa. This event partially responds to the fact that biotech is playing an essential role in the city, both by withholding local talent in León´s facility and in the company´s bet to transform León into a biotech benchmark.