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Biosimilars in Europe –
Protagonist of BioSpain 2016

What are the short- and medium-term prospects and opportunities for biosimilars? A round table, organised by the biotechnology company mAbxience, which specialises in the development of biosimilars, will answer this and many more questions. The round table will take place within the framework of BioSpain 2016, a biotechnology reference summit that will be held from 28 to 30 September in Bilbao (Spain).

“Shaping the biosimilars opportunity: a European perspective” is the title of the round table that will introduce attendees to the reality of biosimilars in Europe, their impact and benefits, and the factors involved in reaching their full potential.

This talk will also address specific development aspects for biosimilars, which will help attendees to better understand the entire complex and demanding process involved with these new treatments.

This meeting will feature leading experts, such as Regina Múzquiz, the new Managing Director of BioSim, Sol Ruiz, Head of the Biological Products, Advanced Therapies and Biotechnology Division of the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices, and Esteban Corley, founder and Director of the mAbxience facility in Argentina.



“Shaping the biosimilars opportunity: a European perspective”

BioSpain 2016

Date: 29 September at 4:30 pm

Place: Bilbao Exhibition Centre – BEC. Room C

Language: English