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Biosimilars consolidate their position
as a decisive factor in the sustainability of national healthcare systems

The ultimate objective of biosimilars is to guarantee greater accessibility for patients and the sustainability of national healthcare systems. This is one of the main conclusions reached by experts who attended the third edition of the AIQS Biosimilars Conference, which took place in Barcelona on Tuesday.

mAbxience, a biotechnology company specialised in the development of biosimilars or, to be precise, monoclonal antibodies, took part in the days’ events. Esteban Corley, Founder and Director of mAbxience in Argentina, explained the strategy adopted by the Group for developing monoclonal antibodies. His contribution helped to highlight comparability as a key element in the development of biosimilars and guaranteeing biosimilarity.

Accordingly, Corley specified that “mAbxience uses single-use technology at its plant in León – the only one of its kind in Spain – and has developed a process using chemically-defined culture media, together with modern measuring technologies and control parameters that ensure batch-to-batch quality”.

In this sense, he emphasised that scientific assessments, based on comparing two pharmaceutical products to determine their equivalence and detect any potential differences in their level of quality, safety and efficacy, are a key part of the biosimilar development process.

Finally, he recalled that, through promoting competition in the pharmaceutical market, biosimilar medicines contribute to the economic sustainability of national healthcare systems and, by extension, to encourage research into new products. Both of these facts consolidate the assurance of quality healthcare cover for future generations of patients.