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León 2017

Between 12th and 14th July the Biotech Annual Congress (BAC) 2017 will take place in León (Spain), organised by FEBiotech, the Spanish Federation of Biotechnologists. This event offers a great meeting point of a high scientific level, bringing together Biotech students with researchers and professionals from different areas of this discipline.


Within the mentoring sessions offered during the congress, mAbxience sponsors the Biotech Meeting Point, gathering the many profiles existing in the Biotech sector. With short talks and a networking session, students will be able to talk and ask speakers all the questions about their careers. Francisco Olivera, Operations Manager at mAbxience, will be one of the speakers of this Biotech Meeting Point.



When? 12th July, 15:00

Where? Escuela de Ingenierías Industrial, Aeronáutica e Informática, Universidad de León