At mAbxience, we maximise the use of our in-depth pharmaceutical industry knowledge and experience in order to meet our goal of developing and offering the highest quality, innovative therapeutic solutions for a wide range of diseases.

To achieve this, we invest a considerable amount of energy and resources in R&D, which takes place throughout our centre of excellence network in various countries within the European Union and Latin America.

Monoclonal antibody development and production for R&D purposes are carried out at the Genhelix plant in León, Spain, which was acquired in May 2014, as well as at our PharmADN facilities, a research plant in Buenos Aires that belongs to mAbxience.

Filling and packaging operations are carried out at SINERGIUM Biotech which, since December 2012, has focused entirely on the final stage of production for complex biopharmaceuticals, in line with the highest international quality standards.