Company History

Company History


mAbxience was founded in 2009 as the biotechnology unit of the CHEMO Group, a Spanish pharmaceutical company with over 35 years of industry experience. The decision to focus on the biotechnology sector and, specifically, on biosimilars, was in response to an industry opportunity analysis initiated in 2007.

Following two years of strategic planning and evaluation, mAbxience began to conduct research and development activities in 2009. One year later, we started on the construction of the PharmADN facilities in Buenos Aires as well as of the SINERGIUM Biotech plant, where biotechnology drugs are packaged.

In 2012, the first PharmADN industrial batch was produced and the corresponding phase of clinical study set in motion.

Over the next few years, we took important steps towards consolidating our business activities at an international level, particularly in the Latin American and European markets. To this end, we signed a biosimilars agreement with the Brazilian company Libbs in 2013, and in 2014 we became sole owners of the Genhelix biopharmaceutical plant in León, Spain.

In 2016 mAbxience was selected by the WHO and UCAB (The Utrecht Centre of Excellence for Affordable Biotherapeutics for Public Health) to lead the project aimed at developing Palivizumab biosimilar (Synagis®), alongside the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands.

Research and Development activities start-up in mAbxience.
Construction of pharmADN (Buenos Aires) and SINERGIUM Biotech facilities.
Forward steps to consolidate mAbxience internationally, especially in South America and Europe markets.
First industrial batch manufactured in pharmADN and beginning of clinical trials.
Strategic agreements in Brazil, Europe and other ROW markets.
mAbxience acquires 100% of biopharmaceutical company Genhelix in León (Spain).
Rituximab is presented, the first mAbxience biosimilar commercialized in Argentina.
Inauguration of mAbxience plant in León: 16th October.
Strategic agreements in Japan and Europe.

Project signed with WHO and UCAB (Utretch Affordable Biotherapies Public Health Excellence Center) to develop Synagis© biosimilar (Palivizumab).